Dark Eldar – Graham Oram

Kabal of the Flensing Tongue

The young Kabal of the Flensing Tongue were formed after a certain archon got over friendly with his courtesans, especially a young and ambitious Ascara Zvelte.

She found his advances most displeasing, she would not to be his plaything, so she devised a plot to rid herself of his attentions and take control of the Kabal, she had the support of at least a dozen warriors in the fledgling kabal that would do her bidding.

A trap was set after another of the archons tedious revelries, all elements loyal to him were slaughtered and the bodies delivered to a mysterious Haemonculus.

Although not really seen in battle yet rumours have it that Lady Ascara Zvelte has the major backing of one the many Haemonculus cults  working to unlock the secrets of the Tyranids.

Lady Ascara Zvelte.

While most Lhameans are content perfecting their poisons, Ascara aims to emulate her idol Lady Malys, in controlling her own Kabal, She intends to also garner the secrets of the Tyranids believing they contain the essence to grant immortality, and as such spends her time assisting the covens feverishly working to unlock the secrets of the Tyranids on Lethidia.


Dark Eldar


Lhameans  {Kabalite Armour, Shaimeshi blade, Splinter pistol}


Kabalite Warriors

5 x Kabalite Warriors with ccw and Splinter Rifle

4 x Kabalite Warrios with ccw and Slpinter Rifle

1 x Kabalite Warrior with ccw and Shredder

Dedicated Transport

Raider with Disintegrator Cannon


Corpsethief Claw

5 x Talos with Armoured carapace, ccw, Twin-linked Splinter Cannon.




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