Carcassé – Building the Carcassé – update 1

A Tale of All Scars Gamers 17: Building the Carcassé – update 1:

When I first heard about the Tale of All Scars Gamers taking place this year, I had to get involved.  I always wanted to build up an army alongside others; unit by unit and sharing the experience.  The tough part was deciding which system and faction to go with.  I already had four 40k armies suiting my favoured play styles and several other game systems on the go; meaning that yet another 40k army wasn’t really needed.  Instead, I thought about how it would be useful to show off an example of how easy it is to adapt existing miniatures to fit my own wargame: Order and Ruin, and then I’d be able to show (rather than describe) what the setting is supposed to look like!

The important factors were that the army had to be easy to convert, look distinctive, yet also look like a cohesive part of the same faction.  So I chose to make a Carcassé army; essentially, a group of space knights with a warrior culture that promotes skill, courage and honour in warfare.  As one of the most thoroughly developed of the full 11 factions and one that would look very unique on the table, I decided they would be a good choice, but the true deciding factor is that they appealed to me most in terms of fun and play style.  I’ve designed Order and Ruin’s factions specifically to appeal to different play styles; the idea being that no matter what your background in gaming, there will be at least one faction that you will enjoy.


Choosing which units to include in the army at 750 points was actually pretty easy.  I decided to focus on a core of infantry to begin with, with each unit having a different role to fulfil.  As such, the units are fairly specialised:



The Serfs are cheap and expendable, but provide a source of mass, long-ranged volleys with their Lance Rifles in order to soften up the enemy.  They’re not the most accurate or well-trained guys, but so long as they’re kept out of the main fray, they should be able to rack up some real damage over the course of a battle.  They tend to panic a little if anything too beefy draws close, though.


Next up are the Rangers, whose only goal is to get stuck into combat as quickly as possible, and overwhelm enemies with their sheer weight of attacks.  They’re also pretty vulnerable, however, when out in the open, so I’ll need to do my best to keep them sheltered until they get close enough to strike, which leads me to…

Feudal Warriors:


Well-armoured infantry who are no slouch in close-combat, either.  I equipped this unit with Lance Pistols (weaker versions of the rifles, but decent short-ranged guns all the same) and Carcassé Shields to protect them from Ranged fire on the march.  They are a more all-round unit that can adapt a little better to unexpected occurrences then the other troops, and they should provide a decent screen for the Rangers to advance behind.  The unit also has some grenades should they need to deal with vehicles or hordes of infantry!



Finally, leading them is the Noble on a Grilloch mount: essentially an ironclad warrior riding a powerful, reptilian beast.  As the General, this guy can move around unhindered on his steed, travelling faster than the other units so that he can issue his orders or deal with enemy stragglers.  Grilloch’s are not the fastest mount the Carcassé have available, but they’re extremely dangerous and resilient, making the Noble quite tough to deal with.  The enemy are going to have a difficult choice: do they try and bring down the Noble and his pet whilst ignoring the advancing Carcassé infantry; or do they deal with the massed ranks and allow both monster and rider to run amok with his Armour-ignoring Beam Sword?

So far, progress on the army is slow but steady with around 60% of it built and undercoated, and 30% currently at some stage in the painting process.  There’s a long way to go!

Thanks for reading, and if you’d like to know more about the Carcassé faction you can check them out here:


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