Order and Ruin: Carcassé – Adam Holmes

As I mentioned to Rufus Eisenhans on Monday night, I’m thinking about making an army for Order and Ruin, my own wargame as part of this event.

My reasoning is three-fold:
Firstly, it should provide some insight into how the game works and its features, and hopefully that might tempt some more people into trying it with me :p
Secondly, I will be able to build an army specifically for intro-games and the like if people DO want to try it.
Finally, the event should provide a good sounding-board for my ideas in regards to lore and unit design.

Hopefully you guys will enjoy following along with what I have planned for the army build

And for anyone who is interested, you can check out the Order and Ruin blog, right here: https://orderandruin.wordpress.com/

Decided on my first 750 points of Carcassé for this event, not that this list will mean much to you guys yet but I figured I’d post it since others have done so too:

Army General:
Noble mounted on Grilloch, armed with Beam Sword, Lance Pistol, Carcassé Shield and 1 Burst Grenade. upgraded with Advanced Shields and Shield Overlay – 58
10x Feudal Warriors with Carcassé swords and shields, Lance pistols. Led by Knight with Rapier and Carcassé shield. Unit has
1 Frag grenade and 2x Burst Grenades. – 215
10x Rangers with Twin dueling-swords, led by Swordmaster with 1 Burst Grenade. – 243
18x Serfs with Lance Rifles – 234
=750 Points over 40 models


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