Battle Report – Edd Quick (Tyrannid) vs Simon Rooke (Skittari/Adeptus Mechanicus) 1000 points.

Tale of Leicester All Scar Gamers – Edd Quick (Tyrannid) vs Simon Rooke (Skittari/Adeptus Mechanicus) 1000 points.

On a dense, jungle planet outside the Ferion Sector a Hive of Tyrannids were known to have arrived and to be evolving and changing which needed to be investigated. Techion Epslion 1.01 was charged with the task of investigating and identifying the terrible Xeno menace.

On the jungle world, Techion looked on. Xenos were here. A great educational opportunity waited.

His forces laid in the positions he had instructed based on the scans highlighting the concentrations of biomass. Techion waited on Dung Mountain, an odd platuea where he could see the strange interesting evolution of the Hive mind. The sun had risen – perfect time for battle.

Techion retina zoomed in, small scuttling creatures advances and hid in dense foliage, while the bigger threats seemed to scurry behind large ruins, completely blocking off shots – while overhead a great giant creature soared overhead. As it flew by it detected the infiltrators, who were ready to ambush, firing some unknown biohazard material at the squad – killing them to a man.

“Fascinating” Techion exclaimed. He would get his units to investigate this material later.

The xenos had been reported to have some flying units, so it was no surprise when the Dunecrawler had been loaded with plenty of anti air firepower. Missile salvos unloaded on the great flying creature, with each hit, the monster emitted a cry of pain. Clearly near death, its animal instincts made it fly off.

Meanwhile on the left flank Techion streamed the Rangers optical camera and watched his Vanguard and Rangers unload their weapons into the small scuttling creatures. They had identified the location they were occupying as a key tactical location and with their firepower managed to force them off it.

The Dragoon, with perfect timing, moved out from cover and secured the tactical objective alpha.

With little notice, a swarm of small Xenos crawled from the ground – but were instantly put down by the calm, unremorseful smoking of Radium Carbines.

Techion returned to his own vision now, he found within his own eye line that a couple of warrior Xenos had attempt to outflank his forces. Fearing they were key to the Tyranid command structure, he instructed his Grav Cannons to open fire. Techion and his unit of Rangers supported, but the unit of Warriors were left with a single survivor who quickly retreated back to the cover.

Data flashed in Techion’s visor – the Dragoon was facing critical damage. A huge, land based monster stormed out from the shrubbery and had open fired on the Dragoon – fortunately the Dragoon, was functional.

The Dragoon charged the small Tyranids. Again, the Vanguard and Rangers working in unison reducing the rabble of aliens down in size, ceasing their firepower just as the Dragoon crashed into the unit – killing them all.

The great flying creature had returned – and clearly encouraged by what could be their parent, some small flying monsters, reminisant of gothic gargoyles sprang out. The combined Salvos made short work of the Destroyers holding the centre.

The Dunecrawler opened fire and took the great flying monster – Techion zoomed in his vision in and determined the future name for monsters of this type would be Tyrant. Just as the data had saved, Techion came under fire – a number of the Rangers falling around him – but the Artificer armour Techion wore allowed him to take the hits harmlessly.

The battle was in full flow – the combined Biomass expected was committed to battle. Techion advanced – knowing now was the time. His rangers covered him, wounding the remaining Warrior who scuttled away further. Techion wanted to examine the smaller Tyranids personally. After Macrostubber firepower and his metallic tentacles had gone to work, all that remained was piles of oozing Xeno gore remained.

The Dragoon followed the Warrior Alpha and the Gargoyles and once again, supported by the Rangers and Vanguard all but eliminate the Gargoyle – they seemed to be flying in the way to intercept the Dragoons attacks – Perhaps this Warrior Alpha was the leader of this brood…

The sacrifice of the Gargoyles allowed the huge land based creature to smash into the Dragoon – who was already harmed and had a catastrophic failure and collapsed.

The Right flank was Techions: he had pursued the remaining warrior and reduced him to mush with his macrostubber.

The now mindless land based Creature started to rampage. He charged the Vanguard – their radiation seemed to barely affect him. The creature then charged the Rangers – whom were helpless against the monster. Finally the monster charged the Dunecrawler – which surcame to its rage – however it was able to inflict some seriously damaging hits before hand.

Techion looked back at the lines he had started… That monster – it was causing such Carnage… Carniflex seemed like a fitting name – no matter Techion thought – He activated his Erradicator Ray – One shot will finish the Carniflex. The shot was perfectly on course; however the Carniflex must have sensed the projectile – evading the shot using the rocky terrain to hide.

Techion had lost his shot – The Carniflex had evaded him.

When patching into his units heads up display, all he found was static. The scanner sweep showed that other than elusive Carniflex the Xeno Biomass was all but gone. The area was secure for now – however his forces were decimated… For any other general the losses would have been unacceptable, but for Techion Epslion 1.01 life meant nothing, Data meant everything. If only that damned Carniflex had not avoided his shot.

FINAL SCORE 12-11 Tyrannid Victory.


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