Skitarii and Mechanicus – Simon Rooke

Skitarii Maniple:

5 Rangers – 4 Galvanic Rifles and  1 Arc Rifle – 80 pts
5 Vanguard – Omnispex, 4 Radium Carbines and 1 Plasma Caliver – 95 pts
5 Infiltrators – 5 Power Sword and Stubcarbine – 185 pts
1 Dragoon – Taser lance – 45 pts

Dominus Maniple:

1 Dunecrawler – Neutron Laser and Cognis Heavy Stubber – 140 pts
5 Rangers – Omnispex, 4 Galvanic Rifles and 1 Transuranic Aruebus – 100 pts
Techion Epslion 1.0 (Tech-Priest Dominus) Power Axe, Volkite Blasta, Refractor Field and Macrostubber – 105 pts

TOTAL – 750 Points

Painting FINISHED!


Long wordy post – but here is my origin story for my leader Techion Epslion 1.0.
The final platoon of Cadian 22nd between the green tide and Epslion’s Leman Russ Platoon had been routed. It was minutes before the greenskins had finished their sport and would charge once more – this time to his position.
Overhead a Trio of Stormwolves of the Cromhaven Space Wolves flew. Engaged in a bitter dog fight with scores of Dakkajets. Oh how Cromhaven had failed Nirisani VII. Mathematically Nirisani VII had a critical level for mission failure.
Epslion performed a final diagnostic check. He tallied 127 orks remained after killing the platoon. They would charge his position – his 2 intact Leman Russ would kill 65 of them enroute – He calculated he would take 12 out and the remaining tank crew would take out a further 5. His position would be overwhelmed, destroyed and still leave 45 orks running rampant. Never mind the 2nd or 3rd wave… Epslion activated his Power Axe and prayed that he could perform the Omnissiah’s bidding for as long as possible.
Months later, the Cadian 22nd of Nirisani VII had survived by the skin of their teeth. Ferotous, the Ork Warboss, had been frozen by a final salvo of Frostfire from the Stormwolves had saved the planet from utter destruction. Ferotous, being a beast with unnatural constitution, overcame the injury and survived, with great help from his Grot assistant – Theasaurus MA.
With the great Warboss recovering from his injuries, the Ork Waaaagh!!! had lost its command and anarchy ensued. Orks battled other Orks, while the Cadian 22nd managed to hold on to two of the Hive Cities and were slowly taking back ground from the ill-disciplined Orks.
Epslion lay motionless; well his hooded head was all that remained – the rest of his body had clearly been salvaged by the ork meks. The Enginseer mind and CPU implant had survived. The Tech-Priests of Stygies VIII had sent covert squads of Skitarii Rangers to recover information on what had happened.
Upon rebooting Epslions CPU, the intel was fed back to the Tech-Priest of Stygies VIII, whom in turn found him worth of rebooting and reforging into a new Techion suit. The new and improved Techion Epslion would lead investigations into xeno menace on Nirisani VII.
When Ferotous had recovered, he regained control and prepared once again for a second Waaagh!!! on Nirisani VII. However this time, unbeknown to both Ork and Imperial Guard, Techion Epslion had been unearthing strange discoveries underground the planet.
Techion Epslion had been unearthing strange Xeno technology, exceeding the limits of Ork knowledge. Epslion had discovered that Nirisani VII was a key staging point in the War of the Heavens between the Eldar and Necrons eons before the Imperium had ever set eyes on the planet.
Fortunately, for Techion Epslion, he was part of the Stygies VIII Adeptus Mechanius, whom focus on xenos and have a deep sub cult of Xenarities, who have a policy of studying and exploitation of alien Technology, and was given free reign of his War Maniples to further exploit this discovery.
It was this free reign that encouraged Techion Epslion to activate and start up the Necron awakening process – a move that would force the Eldar into alliance with the Cadian 22nd to crush the Greenskins and Necrons from Nirisani VII for once and all.
Ever since personally activating the awakening of the Necrons, Epslion has found himself drawn closer and fonder than the Necrons – feeling that they perhaps could be the true embodiment of Machine – one of the many disciples of the True Omnissiah.



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