Necrons – Ricky Glover

The Awakening

“My lord we’re late” a voice came from the darkness, the overlords eyes hadn’t adjusted to the light yet “emergency protocols have enacted there are intruders”
“Where are the wraiths?” The overlord responded “and the scarabs?”
“Unknown but there’s extensive damage to much of the tomb” the voice replied, the lords eyes adjusting to the gloom could make out the glow of eyes, these eyes belonged to one of his personal lychguard “we’ve begun awakening the rest of the tomb but with the damage and no scarabs its going to be slow progress”
“What’s awake then?” demanded the lord “and what dares enter my tomb!”
“A phalanx of warriors, a handfull of immortals, your deathmarks and of course us” the lychguard answered “and the intruders do not match any known species”
“Lets go show our guests what happens when you trespass in Apophis’ tomb world!”

First war of secession – at this time the dynasty was quite small but had strong a leader under the King Ra ‘the sun’, with his leadership guiding them they fought for unification of the necrontyr race under the flag of the silent king.
War in heaven – after many successful campaigns against the separatist factions the territory under Ra’s rule had expanded greatly and their power in equal measure, when the silent king declared war against the old ones in an attempt to unite the necrontyr, Ra again followed and committed his forces fully to war, which was now a mighty force to wield, relying on multiple tactics and units able to quickly adapt and with brilliant lords to command his forces in Osiris, Apophis and Tia-maat. As the war continued the old ones started winning causing the necrontyr to start a second war of secession.

Second war of secession – the necrontyr once again divided meant Ra had to shift focus to bringing the separatists back in line, when the silent king was approached by the c’tan and made the deal to make his race immortal in exchange for their help in destroying the old ones, Ra trusted that it was the right decision and at the time relished in his new form. With the help of the c’tan and the new stronger bodies of their race the old ones were crushed at every step and Ra’s dynasty was at the forefront of many victories, as the war was coming to a close the silent king began to recognise his deal with the c’tan had cost the necrontyr their souls.

The old ones were defeated and without waiting the necron race began attacking the c’tan in an effort to atone for their mistakes, it was during this that the king Ra and his dynasty made weapons capable of shattering the c’tan, when attempting to destroy c’tan known as the deceiver the c’tan known as the nightbringer attacked Ra at the same time, Ra and all of his forces present on the weapon were obliterated by the powers of the two c’tan. Ra’s dynasty was renamed the Akmun-Ra dynasty in honour of their great king and Ra’s greatest lord Osiris was named Phaeron of the dynasty and Apophis and Tia-maat his overlords



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